Yoga Delivered in the Triangle, North Carolina 

Yoga in the Triangle delivers the yoga studio to you.

Your personalized yoga class takes place where its convenient for you, reducing schedule stress and commute time. Each session is designed based on your needs. Lead teacher Tiffany Candioti has made it her mission to empower practitioners with simple, daily movement and health habits that create ease, strength, and flexibility in your body and peace and tranquility in your mind.

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Corporate yoga, office yoga and yoga at work can help reverse the negative impacts of sitting, use of technology and commuting as well as increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Office yoga classes are designed to be accessible and inclusive for every level of practitioner. Corporate yoga is delivered by a professional, knowledgeable yoga teacher on site in the company facility, a conference room or other open space. Yoga in the Triangle also works with small businesses who want to implement the benefits of office yoga but might have space constraints. Yoga is the easiest, most effective way to start a wellness program in your business, office or workplace.

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Yoga delivered helps busy people fit a yoga practice into their lives and encourage healthy habits for those who are not able to make it to the studio or gym.

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