Yoga classes in the office or corporate facility are the easiest and most effective way to bring wellness into the workplace. Take a moment to look at our office and corporate yoga classes. We will provide yoga mats for an additional fee.  Contact us to book your consultation and session.

Yoga Classes

  • Bring the yoga studio into your workspace. Transform an extra conference room, lobby entrance, or even a wide hallway into a workplace wellness space. These classes work well for any time during the workday. Start the morning off clear and energized, take a yoga lunch break, or end the day focused and refreshed with a late afternoon energy boost.
  • This class is available in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions.
  • Maximize time with this express yoga class. Each class combines strength, flexibility, and breath to energize the body and mind. Your team with leave the yoga class feeling refreshed and refocused.
  • This yoga mat class is perfect for the lunch break. Each class combines strength, flexibility, and breath to energize the body followed by a 5 minute relaxation to calm and focus the mind.
  • The full yoga studio experience right in your office or corporate facility. Centering mindfulness meditation followed by strength, flexibility, and breath. Includes a 5-minute final relaxation to balance the mind and body.
  • For compact spaces or the conference room. 20 minutes of desk stretches and standing poses supported by the chair bring ease into the body and help to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by sitting for long periods. Includes a 5 minute mindfulness meditation to refocus the mind. A time-saving option for the team who doesn’t want to change their clothes and leave the office but is still looking for all the positive benefits of yoga at work.
  • Desk and chair yoga class is available in a 25-minute session.
  • Quick overview of the practice of mindfulness and 5 minutes of gentle stretching followed by 15 minutes of guided breathing and meditation. Can be held in any space, desk, conference room, lounge area, or on the yoga mat.
  • Mindfulness at work meditation classes are available in 25-minute sessions.

Special Events

  • Includes an introduction to the practice and benefits of mindfulness meditation and applications of mindfulness in the workplace. Followed by stretches to prepare the body for a 15 minute guided meditation.
  • This workshop is 45 minutes to 1-hour in length.
  • Designed to educate your team about the benefits of moving throughout the day. A perfect introductory class for businesses and organizations looking to implement a workplace wellness program. Includes a short discussion on the latest research regarding the benefits of frequent movement, plus tips and tricks to get moving, including yoga desk stretches and standing poses.
  • This workshop is 1-hour in length.