If you are new to yoga, the idea of going to a yoga class might be a little intimidating. The names of the poses will be unfamiliar, it could be confusing to be able to tell if you’re doing it right, or you may have an injury or other health concern that requires more adjustment than a teacher is able to provide in a group class setting.

If you’re an experienced yogi, you might have questions about your form or alignment or maybe you’ve developed repetitive strain issues and other pain from your group yoga classes. You might have wondered if taking a private yoga class would help you address these concerns in a way that’s hard to do with a 5 minute conversation after class with your group yoga teacher.


What Can You Expect from a Private Yoga Class?

In many ways, a private yoga lesson will be similar for both new and experienced yogis. Your yoga teacher will offer personalized attention and answer all your most burning questions about yoga at a time and place that are convenient for you. You’ll have the opportunity to try new things, gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga and establish a conversation and a dialogue with your teacher that goes much deeper than is possible in a group class setting.


Initial Consultation

Most private yoga teachers offer an intake process to help them learn about your goals and concerns so they can design the class especially for your needs. When you schedule a private yoga session with Yoga in the Triangle, the first step is a phone or a Zoom call. As lead teacher, I’ll ask you questions about your movement and exercise experience, and ask you to share with me health information such as a history of injury, surgery or chronic pain. I will discuss with you your goals and what you hope to get out of our time together. We’ll then schedule your first private yoga class. You will have the chance to ask any questions that you might have about the process and what to expect. After that, I’ll plan a sequence that fits your needs and accommodates any areas of injury or pain.


Designing a Private Yoga Class that Fits Your Needs

Most experienced private yoga teachers have extensive training and background in sequencing and designing yoga classes. As founder and lead teacher of Yoga in the Triangle, I have taught thousands of hours of yoga classes to students who present with a spectrum of concerns, goals and experience levels. Some of my private clients and yoga students are have even been through an entire yoga teacher training themselves and are professional yoga teachers.

After your initial consultation, I take into consideration your goals, strengths and challenges and design a sequence of poses and breathing techniques that I think you will enjoy and get the most benefit from.

Now, it’s time to meet for your first yoga class!


Where Do Private Yoga Class Happen?

We can meet in your home, office, virtually on Zoom, or – if you’re convenient to Downtown Raleigh in North Carolina – at a yoga studio space in Boylan Heights dedicated to private yoga and small group experiences. With Yoga in the Triangle, this first class is complimentary as a way to get to know one another and for you to discover if private yoga is right for you.

I come in to your space and help you set up a yoga studio-like setting complete with props and music. If you’re on Zoom, I’ll ask you to provide what yoga props you might have around the house or you might use household items like pillows and a belt in place of bolster and yoga strap. Once you’ve decided if private yoga is right for you, I’ll provide you with a list of props you can order.

As I guide you through your personal yoga class, I’ll be observing your movement, asking for your feedback and having a conversation with you about how the movements and poses feel in your body. I may make some adjustments to the sequence based on your feedback and my observations as we go. This first class helps me to get to know your movement patterns and preferences so I can continue to refine and progress your class sequencing. You’ll have the opportunity to end with a restful moment of relaxation at the end if that feels comfortable to you.

I’ve also created a list of Private Yoga FAQs that answer a lot of questions about the details of a private yoga class in your home such as wether or not it’s ok for your dog to hang out with us while you practice yoga or if Zoom might be a good option for you instead of in-person yoga. You can check out the Yoga in the Triangle Private Yoga FAQs here.


Continued Practice and Support

After your first yoga class, we’ll have a conversation about the experience and I’ll use any feedback you offer to help me progress your yoga practice for the next time we meet. Typically, I meet with private yoga students one to two times per week at the same day and time. So, if you are ready to begin a regular private yoga practice, we’ll schedule your classes on the calendar.

I may offer one or two poses that you can practice on your own and follow up with written instructions for the poses. This will help you to establish a home practice if that’s your goal. I don’t require students to do any time of yoga homework, but some students find that a more consistent practice between sessions helps them to improve pain and mobility more quickly.


The Results of Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga can be a transformative experience, whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner. The personalized attention and tailored approach offered in private sessions pave the way for a deeper understanding of yoga and its benefits. The initial consultation is an important step, allowing your yoga teacher to understand your unique goals and concerns, laying the foundation for a customized practice.

During the class, your teacher becomes a guide, observing your movements, seeking feedback, and engaging in a continuous dialogue to ensure the practice aligns with your needs. The emphasis is not only on the physical aspect but also on creating a space for relaxation, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate. This personalized approach, coupled with the teacher’s experience in designing sequences, ensures that each session is a step forward in your yoga journey.

Your ongoing conversations with your private yoga teacher become valuable checkpoints, where feedback contributes to refining and progressing your practice. The option of a consistent weekly schedule establishes a rhythm for your practice.

A private yoga class extends beyond the boundaries of a group setting, fostering a unique connection between you and your teacher. It becomes a collaborative exploration of your body, movement patterns, and preferences, ultimately leading to a more profound and fulfilling yoga experience.

When you are ready to try for yourself and experience the powerful transformative potential of 1:1 yoga, reach out to book your first private yoga lesson with Yoga in the Triangle.