About Tiffany Candioti

Tiffany Candioti is a private yoga teacher and office yoga teacher. In 2018 she founded the private yoga and workplace wellness service Yoga in the Triangle serving the North Carolina Triangle region and beyond.

Can You Hire a Private Yoga Teacher to Come Into Your Home During Phase One?

Can you hire a private yoga teacher to come into your home during phase one of re-opening? ⁠ ⁠ Hiring a private yoga teacher can be a life-changing commitment. Private yoga is so different from a one-size-fits-all group class in a studio or a gym. Your teacher personalizes each class [...]

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How Your Company Can Offer an Online Wellness Program for Work from Home Employees

Help your employees stay healthy, happy and productive by reducing the stress and anxiety of social isolation while working from home. Corporations and businesses have been implementing workplace wellness and yoga classes in their physical offices to boost employee productivity and reduce absenteeism and health care costs for years. These [...]