Can you hire a private yoga teacher to come into your home during phase one of re-opening? ⁠

Hiring a private yoga teacher can be a life-changing commitment. Private yoga is so different from a one-size-fits-all group class in a studio or a gym. Your teacher personalizes each class to fit your body, your health concerns and even your energy level on the day of your class. ⁠

If you have been putting off the commitment to your health and well-being due to all the uncertainty during stay-at-home, that is completely understandable. And this phase or re-opening can be even more confusing. Gyms and yoga studios are still closed but most are offering online classes, similar to what you would have access to when everything was business as usual.⁠

Private yoga teachers are also continuing to offer their services virtually. Even as businesses begin to re-open, the consensus is that we’ll continue to be offering classes via our virtual platforms. So, if you are in North Carolina and you are currently working with a private yoga teacher virtually, or if you are interested in hiring one to help keep you motivated and focused on your health and wellness, during Phase 1 you will likely still continue to work with your teacher virtually, unless you agree to meet outdoors. Guidelines are different for every region, so check your local regulations for more guidance. Here, in North Carolina, private yoga teachers are typically following the guidelines set forth for massage therapists and personal trainers to help us understand how to best keep our students safe and health. ⁠